1.      To ensure your Holiday goes without incident and with the minimum of fuss we have got together to give you a few useful tips and hints to get your break off to the best possible start


2.      If you have any questions or indeed problems whilst staying in the apartment the first point of contact should be to your Host, your host is the person who handed you the keys and arranged for your stay. Contact details are found on the Home page.            


On Arrival


1.      Immediately on arrival you should plug in the water heater (on the wall on the left side of kitchen)  the fridge freezer will be already be switched on.


2.      Familiarise yourselves with the layout of the apartment and its contents, Instructions for the air conditioning unit and TV satellite box are in the draw under the TV.


3.      Keys for the window shutters and storage area and sun terrace are hanging next to the front door all keys are colour coded. You will also find a Main gate key and a key to the mail box.


4.      Water out of the tap should only be used to boil in the kettle as this helps to stop scaling. The locals say it’s OK to drink, however we suggest that it’s great for tea and coffee but it’s safer to purchase bottled water and ice for cold drinks.    


5.      The water from the boiler will cope with 5-6 showers but can do more if used sparingly. It does take a while to reheat once it’s empty. All water in the apartment is connected to a water meter so to keep the cost down for future visits go easy.


6.      If you need to bring a car into the Community for unloading the funny shaped gate key should be used, (hanging by the front door) after unloading cars should be parked back on the road outside the gate.


7.      Please No Smoking anywhere inside the apartment. On the sun Terrace only.


 Fire Safety 


1.      It is the direct responsibility of the senior adult present, during your holiday for the safety of all guests, in relation to fire matters.


2.      Please make yourselves familiar with the Community notice board as to where the assembly point is and what actions should be carried out in the event of a fire.


3.      In the event of any evacuation, real or otherwise no person should be permitted to re enter the apartment until the drill is complete or the incident has been completely dealt with and the area designated as safe      


4.      All persons must be fully aware that it is a criminal offence to interfere or tamper with any fire alarm or fire fighting system. Fire fighting appliances must remain at the designated fire points and must not be used as doorstops etc.


5.      In the event of discovering fire telephone: 085 


First Aid


1.      A first Aid box is available for any minor injuries. Please replace any item that are used.


2.      If you require medical attention the local medical centre telephone number: 965 322 965


3.      Emergency number: 112  




1.      On leaving the apartment please ensure that all window

shutters and door grills are closed and locked, and that the store room on the sun terrace and any items are secure before going out.


2.      On entering and leaving the community, please ensure that the pedestrian gate is locked and kept locked at all times.


3.      We have provided a small safe inside the apartment and advise that any valuables such as cash, passports and jewellery are secured in the safe when you are out and about.


4.      If all guest are up on the roof terrace it is advisable to ensure that the front and balcony door security grills are closed, this will allow you to have the doors open to allow air circulation but keep unwanted guests out.


5.      The crime rate in the area is low however; most crimes are the impulse and opportunist types of crime you wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked at home so don’t do it here.


6.      If you need to leave items in the car make sure there out of sight and locked in the boot, bring valuable items such as Sat Navs into the apartment.


7.      Only take out the amount of money your likely to need and leave the rest in the safe.


8.      Don’t get into the habit of leaving the key in the back of the door you could get locked out.


9.      Local Police telephone number: 649 900 304


During Your Stay


1.      Please ensure that you read the Community notice opposite the apartment this will give you the information you need to ensure that you have a safe and peaceful stay.


2.      There are rules and Timings for the use of the pool; if these are not followed it is likely that you will be asked to leave the pool area.


3.      When entering or leaving the Apartment please keep your noise down to minimum and respect our neighbours.


4.      Any rubbish should be placed in the large bin that is located to the right hand side of the pedestrian gate outside on the road.


5.      If you have any problems whatsoever please contact your host, we won’t get the next flight out if the sink plug is blocked, but we will be able to direct you to someone who can help.


6.      Breakages and accidents will happen so if things get damaged and you’re in a position to replace the item that’s great, otherwise let your host know so we can get a replacement before the next guests arrive.


7.      We have provided at the back of this folder locations of local Restaurants, bars and shops. It also shows the local bus stops but not the bus timings as these are seasonal, a general rule is they’re on the hour every hour. If you have any comments or the facility no longer exists please enter any observations in the comments book so it can be updated. 


8.     Please use the Air Conditioning sparingly as the costs of running the unit are enormous.


9.      Our ONE rule: Enjoy your stay but respect our apartment as you would if it were your own.



1.      Please ensure that all beds are stripped down, used sheets, pillow cases and towels and tea towels are placed in the shower.


2.      Leave the fridge/freezer plugged in. Please remove any unused food or drinks that will not keep. Switch off and unplug the water heater.


3.      Ensure that all furniture up on the sun terrace has been secured in the lockup.


4.      Pots, pans and dishes are to be washed and put away tidily All kitchen surfaces should are wiped down and kettle emptied.


5.      Sweep and mop the sun terrace and balcony areas, internal cleaning will be carried out by the cleaner.


6.      All rubbish should be removed and placed in the large bin outside the complex.


7.      Ensure that all window are closed, grills and shutters are secure and in place. All electric items should be unplugged and lights turned off.


8.      Leave €40 on the table for the cleaner who will wash the bedding towels, remake the beds, air the property and ensure that things are in good order for the next guests.


9.      Ensure you have all your valuables out of the safe and that you set the alarm before locking the front door and grill.


We Hope you have enjoyed your stay at

Colinas del Presidente

 Have a Safe Journey Home